Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Starting to Realize...

...that I have a fascination with dots! Dots on my dishes, mixing bowls, the table runner and even on my blog! I especially like it when they're raised or "bumpy." I just can't seem to get enough of them and so I thought I'd share.

Back when Allie was still on the inside!

Life these days...

Oh to have more than 24 hours in a day. There just isn't enough time to do everything I would like to and on top of that blog! I don't like getting behind but this season in life leaves me no choice. So instead, I remind myself that the most important things right now are to serve and take care of my family and if it so happens that the girls decide to take a nap at the SAME TIME then I will blog. Amazing how the little things like simultaneous naps are HuGe to us mommas! :)

Allie Girl:

3 months! Can't believe she's turning into a "baby" and gone are the newborn days. I wonder if it goes faster the more kids you have. Seems to be that way for me.

~ Still HATES the car! There are times where she doesn't cry for a section of the trip and I love every second of it and hold my breath thinking the wails will come at any minute. Our prayer is that even THIS week she'll adjust. We have some bigger drives coming up (2 hours away) and it would be so so nice to not have to endure her cries.

~ Loves mom! She's already starting to show who her favorite is...doesn't matter if it's daddy, grandparents, best friends or nursery workers. As soon as she realizes it's not mom, she let's that person have an ear-full.

~ She laughed for the first time on Sunday. I'm not sure what was so funny but it made me laugh too.

~Learning how to sit in the Bumbo seat. Yay! And can't believe it's time to have that out already.

~Smiles and coos constantly! Except for the car, being tired or hungry...she's such a happy girl! We love this about our Allie.

~ 13.4 lbs and 24 1/2 inches long! Whew! My arms are getting a much better workout this time around. That puts her in the 77% for weight and 88% for height! Reese still isn't out of the 20th percentile!

Reesie Roo:

Getting so so OLD! We tell her constantly what a big girl she is! She's developing quite the personality and just this past week when over at the grandparents we realized she knows how to show off! Caught Matt and I completely off guard!

~ New words: Off, pants, star, light, "all done Mama", "bye bye Mama", cheer-os (cheerios), nack (snack), nuts, show (for wanting to watch Baby Einstein), cup, milk and water (though I'm not sure how to type out how she says it)

~"Aggie" is the official way for her to say Allie. I'm afraid it's sticking...even for Matt and I. As soon as she's awake in the morning the question is, "Where's Aggie?" Allie is so much prettier so I tend to remind Matt that Allie is her real {and beautiful} name!

~ Reese is in LOVE with Papa! As soon as we start praying, whether for mealtimes or nap/bedtime, she asks us to pray for Papa. She'll ask where Papa is, gets so excited when we go to his house and gets the biggest thrill when he and Marmee come to babysit.

~ Now has all four of her eye teeth in! Thank you Lord!!! This would bring the count to 16. The last 4 to come will be her 2 year old molars and hopefully we've got some time before those arrive. Yay! Teething is just about done for this little one.

~ Still fits size 12-18 month clothes and weighs 22 lbs. She's quite the little featherweight!

~ Becoming much more socially aware! She loves to see the neighbor kids outside playing and yells as loud as she can "HI!!!!" to get their attention!

Update on the parents:

~ Matt is pursuing his Master's degree! He's about half way through because of doing the credential program through TMC and Lord willing, if all goes as planned, he will graduate May 2014!

~ He's also teaching AP US History for the first time this fall to 12th grade and doing a great job! It's a lot of work but he's enjoying teaching to an older audience.

~ Matt is allowing me to work out 4 times a week at LA Fitness by watching the girls! This has been the biggest blessing as I get the chance to be by myself and do something productive to get the baby weight off! I'm so thankful for the breaks and am starting to see fruit from my labor.

~And last but certainly not least...my very BEST friend from growing up is coming to LA next week! All the way from Italy! I haven't seen her since I was pregnant with Reese and her daughter Kiarra was 4 months old. To say that I'm excited is an understatement! Since then we've had 4 girls between the two of us...we've got a lot of catching up to do. I plan to blog about it once our visit it over. Stay tuned!