Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Great is Thy Faithfulness!

Psalm 9

"And those who know your name will put their trust in You; For You, Lord, have not forsaken those who seek You."

I've been meditating on these verses the last few days. Praying that I would trust the Lord no matter His direction for us. Praying that I would have peace with what He ordained. 

Today was the day to learn what He wanted for this baby and whether we'd have a c-section or a natural birth at home.

I got the girls down for nap, had a few minutes to myself to pray and ask the Lord to steady and quiet my heart. And then my sweet Mother-in-Love arrived to take over the babysitting duties so Matt and I could head to the appointment.

I prayed specifically for so many things about this day. And here it was. I prayed that our ultrasound technician would be excellent at her job. That she would do a thorough scan and even listen to my concerns about this being possibly the last ultrasound to determine whether we'd have a c-section.
She was just that. Sweet, friendly, VERY thorough and professional and spent a lot longer than other techs in the past. She let me watch our precious baby on the screen for awhile who is completely, perfectly formed. We saw baby's lips, little nose (which I do believe is going to look a whole lot like Allie's nose) and even saw baby's tongue moving and eyes opening and closing. 
That moment was a worship service in my heart. Something I'll never forget and maybe wouldn't have thought as deeply about had I not been praying! Such an answer to prayer!

Then came the waiting. Our ultrasound was m-a-y-b-e (15) minutes long and my doctor appointment wasn't for another hour and a half. It was good to be with just Matt and to have the chance to talk without interruption. The waiting room reminded me of an airport which allowed for a lot of people watching. Wondering what stories they had to tell, when their babies were due, what homes those little ones would be born into and grow up in. I'm thankful there was so much to see and watch because my heart was pounding and my hands were getting clammy. I just wanted to know the results!

We finally were called in for our turn. This was Matt's first time meeting my OB/GYN and I could tell he was put at ease from the moment Dr. Marter walked into the room. He has a friendly, personable bedside manner and takes the time to engage and answer your questions without you feeling rushed. We did all the normal things first and then FINALLY he said, ok, let's check out this ultrasound result.

I held my breath. Matt's eyes looked a little wide-eyed. And then the words...

"It's all clear! Completely moved out of the way. There's not even a hint of placenta near your cervix." 

And then he kept right on talking about how my fluid levels were great, baby was head down, my cervix was closed and no action was happening. But all I could hear was...it's moved! 

My heart jumped out of my chest and then relief washed over me! A natural, vaginal delivery!

To God be the Glory great things He has done! Another worship service in my heart. I haven't stopped thanking the Lord and praising Him for hearing our cry and moving this placenta; not by 2 cm (that's all I needed to be cleared) but completely gone to the point that it's not even low lying. There isn't any concern for a problematic natural delivery.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to all of you who have prayed with us, checked in and asked if there's been any update or just reminded us of God's faithfulness either way. We Praise the Lord for Him working so tangibly in our lives and using you as prayer warriors with us!

And an update for the blog: We have decided not to birth in Alaska. This was yet another way God answered our prayers but different then we expected. We have found a wonderful, Godly midwife down here only 30 minutes away from our house and she agreed to work with us in having a home birth so late in pregnancy. Two of our friends, Alia and Julia, give her the highest praise and I'm so excited to meet her and to birth our baby in our own home! We are sadly going to miss being in Alaska. We love our midwife, Judi, and frankly it's hard to imagine not having her with me but we have seen the hand of the Lord directing us and guiding us with each step and know that He will do the same as we birth with Donna.

Thank you for reading a really long, newsy post! And thank you again for all your love and prayers!