Friday, October 26, 2012

Without further ado...

Why the silence!?!?

I'm sorry friends for such a long lull in blogging. But there's a reason and a good reason at that.

I was all ready to plunge back into regular family news-worthy stories. An update on apartment managing, enjoying our big {and growing} girls, fall time and decorating the house, Wednesday nights with our niece Hayden and even FINALLY BUYING A VAN! --never thought I'd be writing that bit of news!

But...all of that has taken a back seat to this:

A baby! Sweet baby boy or girl number 3 for this Mehringer family! We are so thankful, thrilled and excited for this little one! We can't wait.

I've been spending a lot of time on the couch, and in the bathroom, and plugging my nose, and eating crackers...lots and lots of crackers! Bleh!

This early pregnancy morning sickness has been a doozy! Worse than both girls combined. Again, I'm thinking it's a boy. But maybe I'll be right this time.

Tomorrow I'm 9 weeks which makes June 1st our due date. 

Reese tells us regularly that she'd like a brother. Allie is just content to smile at us.

Oh ~ we've decided to not find out the gender. *BIG SMILE* So we will be extra-excited when 
Delivery Day arrives!!!