Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thoughts this time around...

I took a break for awhile with my blog. I've wanted to enjoy these 2 weeks that Matt has had off from school and even though it's been very low key and quiet around here, we have been having a great time as a family. Reese more then ever is in love with her daddy! She follows him everywhere around our home, wanting to play, wanting him to make her laugh and calling out "dada" when she doesn't see him. I love it! Today Reese did something she's NEVER done before and I almost didn't know how to take it. She crawled after dad, waited for him outside the bathroom, went to him as soon as he opened the door and when I put out my hands to take her she turned away from me!! I laughed out loud! What??? She has quickly become a daddy's girl! I knew it would happen but I didn't think it would be so soon. It really does warm my heart, though. Despite feeling a little rejected and hurt, I'm so thankful she loves her daddy and wants to be with him. Come Monday though...I'm going to have a sad little girl on my hands.

Getting back to the reason for this post...just wanted to share my thoughts on the second go-round of pregnancy. It's amazing how quickly you forget. I really think the Lord does that to protect us from ourselves. If I had remembered how sick I felt, how awful food smells and tastes and how much I I don't think baby #2 would be here. Matt would agree that this time things are just a lot harder a lot longer. Maybe it has to do with having a 9 month old. Maybe it's because I'm not working and don't have a way to distract my mind all day. Or maybe it just really is very different from the last time. We are praying for the Lord's grace just to get through these yucky days. 

On a happier marks week 12 for baby! 2 more weeks and I'm in the second trimester. Wow! I learned that our baby is developing it's reflexes and it's intestines are moving in to it's abdominal cavity. I love God's incredible design of babies. Each week it just blows me away to find out what is changing and growing in this little life and how it all gives God glory as He lovingly weaves babies together. So so precious! Even though I haven't heard this little one's heartbeat (and I can't wait for the day I do) this little creation is a testament to God's kindness and love poured out to us. When I remember these truths it makes how I'm feeling a little easier to bare. 

And to catch up the blog on the little details... 

  • I'm due July 14th. 
  • Reese and baby will be 16 months apart.
  • We are pursuing to deliver with midwives again.
  • We both would love another girl.
  • God is our provider and we are resting in Him!
A picture of what a 12 week baby looks like!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

9 Months

Growing up before my eyes...that's what she's doing! I remember shortly after Reese was born and being at my in-laws for Easter and talking about how Reese would be 9 months old at Christmas. And it's here! Crazy! Only 3 short few months and she'll be 1! I know I kind of cheated a little bit in a previous post talking about what's new with the girl so I'll just add a few more things I want to remember later on. :)

- Reese is now very confident about crawling and is following dad or I wherever we go...I think she's even learning what "come here" means. I LoVe this independence in her. Some may think it's sad that their baby is growing up but for me Reese couldn't be happier about this new ability and that makes for a happy mama!

-She understands who "dada" is and has just started to say it to him. :) I ask her almost every day..."where's daddy?" or "who is daddy" and she will look for him turning her head back and forth. She'll also say "mama" but hasn't figured out exactly who that is. ;)

-With crawling has come a lot more opportunities for instruction and discipline. This has been good for me to think through what we want to instill in Reese and how to respond when she is disobedient. I'm learning to control my frustration when I'm disciplining for the 5th or 10th time and to explain even now that sin has consequences and makes God (and mommy) sad. This has been helpful for me to train myself for when Reese can answer back to me.

- Reese has 4 teeth and they're sharp!

- I'm slowly introducing more "solid food": bread, mashed potatoes, banana and overcooked pasta. If you mom's have any more advice as to what is good transition food I'd love to hear from you!

-Finally in size 3 diapers (although they're quite big on her) and weighs 17 pounds. We'll have her doctor's appointment soon...once Christmas is over.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Tea at the Biltmore Hotel

My mother-in-law, Missy, gave us Mehringer girls one of our Christmas presents early by taking us to tea at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in downtown Los Angeles. There really aren't grand enough words to describe the beauty, history and elaborate style of this place. It is 85 years old and has housed and entertained many actors, actresses, dignitaries and presidents. Some of the pictures of people we saw as we strolled through hallways were Shirley Temple, Walt Disney, Bette Davis, Clark Gable, Jimmy Stewart and so many others. I felt so special to be in this hotel and experience it's beauty.

In front of the biggest living tree I think I've ever seen!
We were privileged to get a glimpse of the Crystal Ballroom
while they were cleaning the carpets.
The room the tea was held in.

I wish I had taken a picture of the menu. Everything listed was gourmet, exotic and just a little different from any other tea I've been too. We enjoyed every bite and even though the sandwiches, scones and desserts look small we found ourselves quite satisfied when we were finished. 

Something I enjoyed and am glad Missy planned were the Christmas questions we went around the table and answered individually. It was a special time to reminisce about Christmases past, to talk through family traditions we enjoy, or favorite parts of the Christmas season. 

Mostly though I was thankful for the time to be together as women, to talk, laugh and share with each other. Even though we are family, we are busy and we don't always get to just enjoy one another as girls. Thank you for such a wonderful Christmas gift, Missy! We loved our afternoon tea with you!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Her Hat

Just because she was too cute not too, I put her Christmas hat on and took some pictures. I LOVE having a girl! She is so much fun to dress up and sometimes I find that I live vicariously through her outfits... It's probably not a good thing but I've learned that Matt loves his girl and there are times where I can bend the rules just a bit because it's for HER and not me! This hat is one such time. I won't tell you the price but I will tell you I found it at Janie and Jack and they had just come not on sale. That's not like me. I really love a good bargain and especially when it's marked down to the lowest of lows and a "final sale." When I'm shopping for me, I just can't bring myself to pay full price. I know it will go on the sale rack eventually and I'll be glad I waited. I'm finding though that when it comes to my baby and it's just too cute to pass up, I don't want to wait for that sale like I should. Hence the hat! So...Merry Christmas, Reesie Roo! Too bad your head won't stay this little forever but hopefully there will be little sisters to follow you who can wear it too.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A New Stage

She's gone and done it. Crawling that is. I never thought it would happen. When Reese was only 2 weeks old my sister Diana came to visit and meet Reese. I remember her saying to me, Ash, I can already see Reese crawling around that corner looking for you. I laughed out loud (in my half awake, am I coming or going kind of state) and said, I sure can't! Well...she was right. It's already here.

Reese has never been one for tummy time. She would cry and fuss whenever I put her on her stomach to "play" and though it was no fun to listen to her, I'd try and endure at least 10 minutes just so she would get some exercise and build all the right muscles. My one guarantee that she was at least getting some good tummy time was the fact that she's been sleeping that way ever since she was 3 months old. Reese also never really got a good handle on rolling over. She would do it when she deemed it absolutely necessary but mostly would fuss and get upset that she couldn't move. So you can see why I thought she'd never crawl.

And Wow! She's like a whole new baby! All of a sudden the world has opened up to her and she loves it! She takes her time (for now) getting places but I know that won't be for long. She is so happy to get down on the floor and cruise! When I get on my hands and knees with her she thinks it's the best thing and smiles really big. I love it. She also just finished cutting her 4th tooth and is all better from Roseola so this makes life all the more enjoyable for her. What a blessing with Christmas right around the corner!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Through the eyes

I am really enjoying Christmas this year as I experience it through Reese's eyes. The littlest things bring so much excitement and joy. Matt or I will point to the tree and say "Christmas Tree" or "Pretty" and she will laugh out loud. :) It's so fun to watch her touch the branches, pull her hand back and then really think about what she's feeling. She is timid and shy but curious at the same time. 

This year unlike any other I've really enjoyed thinking about Christmas through the eyes of Mary, Jesus' mother and wondered what it must have been like to be the mommy to our Savior. Life is precious. Each child is an amazing miracle formed and created by God. And yet, Mary carried and nurtured Christ the King! Not just any baby and not just a normal human being but God incarnate and at the same time fully human. I'm praying this Christmas that my heart will truly worship and exalt Jesus as the reason we celebrate this time of year. More then gifts or material things, I find my heart latching on to things such as experiences, family time, health, my check list crossed off or finding that one amazing deal at the store. I don't want my Christmas to be focused on those things. In the end...that is the dross and stubble that will be consumed by fire because that's not what matters most. God's Word and the souls of men will last forever and I'm praying that my heart will be fixed on those things. I have so far to go to make that my mindset but this Christmas it is my prayer that my eyes will be fixed on Christ and Him as the reason for this season.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Worth the wait

This is our fourth Christmas together. That's hard for me to believe and yet my scrapbook and pictures all say it's true...this is the fourth tree Matt and I have decorated together, the fourth time we've sung Christmas Carols as a married couple but this is the first year that we are no longer without a tree topper! Every year, in my heart, I've secretly wished that we had our own angel made by my Grandmom to adorn our tree. With all the business I have forgotten to ask her...promising myself I'd do it the next year. Well finally I remembered ahead of time and Grandmom was so happy to oblige. This angel is special because my parents have one (that all of us girls grew up wishing it was our year to put the angel on top but since there was 4 of us...we had to wait 4 years till our next turn. :)) And because Grandmom's tree also has this angel. So you can see it's a special tradition and no amount of pleading from my husband for a temporary star would do. I had to wait for the angel. She's made from the tiniest crocheted stiches, has the sweetest face and beautiful ringlet curled hair and then is dipped in starch to make her stiff. Thank you so much for our angel, Grandmom! We love her!!

So without further she is!

The one on the right is the one that goes on the tree. ;)

Our home is all decorated now. We did it in stages...we've learned that's kinda what you have to do when you have an 8 month old. 

And I thought I'd show you the finished look after writing about our stockings here.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Happy Birthday, Courtney!!!

Courtney Renee, you are such a cherished sister of mine! I am so thankful that the Lord decided to let me be in your life. You are an amazing friend...always thinking of others and how you can serve them. You were a huge reason why I made it through baby blues after having Reese. Just knowing you would be over to hug me, let me cry on your shoulder and to laugh with me at my new mom mistakes meant so much to me! 

I also love to see the relationship you share with Matt. You both were so close before I came into the picture and although it was strange for him to have a girl in his life, you welcomed me with open arms right away! I love that you two are still close and enjoy each other's company.

You're also an incredible Aunt! You love Reese so much and it blesses my heart to see you enjoying her. From "Peak a Boo" and "Where's Reese?" you keep me laughing right along with her. As we're figuring out...she's starting to recognize you when you come over and that is so fun!

You also are a wonderful wife to your sweet husband! Your relationship is a joy to watch and I love that you can be crazy together but quickly switch to respect and admiration. It's been such a delight to live so close in order to have you guys over multiple times! I'm so so thankful for that unexpected gift from God.

So all that to say, Happy 23rd Birthday, Court! I hope it's a wonderful day all the way through. I love you and pray that this coming year is filled with God's richest blessings poured out on your life. Oh...and I just had to add this last picture. Makes me smile every time I see it. :)

Thanksgiving 2010

For Thanksgiving this year Matt, Reese and I joined Tad and Monika (Matt's brother and sister-in-law) in traveling up to Ukiah, CA where Monika is from. Although it was a long car ride...especially for an 8 month old we are so glad we went and enjoyed our week together.

A big part of spending Thanksgiving up north is getting to make fresh wreaths and swags to decorate our homes for Christmas. I LOVE this part...especially the end result. It also gives us a chance to just hang out as girls, talk and watch Christmas movies. Monika and Mary have gotten me hooked on making fresh decorations and I haven't looked back.

This happens to be the third year in a row we've spent Thanksgiving with the Young's (Monika's parents) and once again they went our of their way to spoil us with kindness and incredible food! Our eyes grow big and our mouth's water whenever we think about all the amazing cooking that goes on. I didn't get a chance to take pictures of all the food we enjoyed but here are some from the week.

Reese's First Thanksgiving!

We took a walk as a family on Thanksgiving Day

Reese and mom hanging out in the car while
dad gets something at the store.
Reese LoVeS Uncle Tad!
She would smile whenever she saw him.

Monika's beautiful Apple pie!
 We really loved our time in Ukiah and are so thankful for Monika's parents who love us like we are their kids too! Thank you for a wonderful time away, Gregg and Mary!