Saturday, May 28, 2011

Thinking of you, Mom!

Because you like pink rosebuds, I had to take this picture for you. Caught Reese in a happy mood amidst 2 molars coming in! It's been some hard, painful days in our house but whenever I see this smile, it makes me melt. This one's for you, Mama!

What a Surprise!

For my birthday I received a card from my sister-in-laws that said..."Sister night on us: Dinner, Dessert and a Chick-flick." They chose Friday night to take me out and just enjoy time for us to be girls, sisters and friends. I decided Wolf Creek would be our dinner spot, Monika said she was making a chocolate and raspberry cake and we'd figure out the movie.

Dinner was amazing! I'd forgotten how much I liked this just kind of fell off my radar. We chose the balcony and the weather couldn't have been more perfect. Great food. Wonderful company. We had the best time.

Once dinner was eaten we headed over to Monika's to enjoy THIS. I'd been dreaming about this cake ever since Monika had sent me the link of what she'd decided to make for dessert. 

I had no suspicion of what was to come. The girls were so normal. We walked into the house just like any other time and the only thing that seemed strange when we got inside was that all 3 of them were looking at me and then looking to the corner of the room. I followed their gaze to find 3 of my sweet friends huddled in the corner who at that moment let out "Surprise!" I really was! I had thought I was there to take off my shoes, kick back and enjoy the movie. How much more fun to have a party instead!

Monika, Courtney and Mollie thought of everything. Pink carnations, yummy taffy from Trader Joe's, gum drops, chocolate truffles, a mommy quiz, a beautiful sign that said, "Welcome Allie", pink lemonade, water and beautiful sunflowers to take home as a party favor! It was a sweet, intimate time of catching up with my friends, talking about being mommies and just enjoying one another's fellowship. I'm so thankful for the evening! Since we're having another girl, we're pretty much ready for everything Allie will need except for diapers. So...the gals were kind enough to have a diaper shower! Such a blessing to us!

And here are two pictures of that amazing cake...there aren't words to describe how good this was! Thanks, Moni, for letting me take home TWO pieces. Needless to say, it's already gone but I did have a lot of help!

Thank you to my sisters who spoiled me like crazy! I had such a wonderful time and was truly caught me completely off guard! :) Thank you to the gals who came and showered us with wonderful gifts! You are a blessing to our family and I'm thankful we could spend that time together.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A few of my favorite things

I love it when my friends post about things they love. It gives me ideas and things to look out for when someone asks me..."so what do you want for your birthday or Christmas?" Being that this month is May and Mother's Day and my birthday just happen to fall in the same month, I have a few things I've recently been enjoying.

I'm in love with this perfume! I've always been a Miracle and Happy Heart kind a girl and this third scent is a perfect addition to those two. Matt surprised me with this pretty bottle in the mail a few days after Mother's Day and it really makes my day feel a little brighter when I wear it.

These amazing glasses are my birthday gift from Matt! Having a gift card for half of what they cost made them all the more affordable for us and I really love them. We decided to go with the polaroid pair. I'm glad we did. They are oh so comfortable and a mix between sporty and stylish.

Next is what I believe will become my favorite pair of shoes...and yes they are bold red! My sister in laws Mollie and Monika bought me these and I couldn't stop thanking them. I've wanted a pair of Toms ever since I saw them on Mollie for the first time. And while I didn't tell them what color I wanted, I was really hoping they'd choose red. These will be a great alternative to flip flops this summer with all the mosquitos Alaska boasts of! Speaking of flip flops...

Whether you live in a warm climate or not, if you don't own a pair of rainbow flip flops, drop everything right now and run to the store. They will pay for themselves over and over again and are worth every penny! If you live in SoCal...go to the Rainbow outlet store in San Clemente. Seriously...these things last FOREVER and are the most comfortable flip flop there is (*Disclaimer*: once you've broken them in). They mold to your feet and almost become a customized shoe that fits just to you. I love these things and wish I had a pair in every color. They're amazing! And while they weren't a birthday gift, they've been the gift that keeps on giving.

This is making my home smell so good right now!

Though not a bday gift, these beautiful roses have been smiling at me the last few mornings thanks to my friend Doreen. I love flowers and especially roses!

Hanging out with my girl is definitely one of my favorites!

Lastly, eating Menchie's! Anytime. Anywhere. With anyone but especially my little family! Reese had her first introduction to "ice cream" tonight and it's safe to say it was a hit. The picture of the 3 of us captured her not so happy that there was a temporary pause to take a picture. Yikes! Hope you enjoyed a few of my favorites!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Catching up...

I am so behind in the blogging world. I'm the kind of person that once something seems daunting or overwhelming, I freeze and feel like I can't catch up. The fact that I haven't blogged since April 7th is sad...but I'll bring the blog up to speed in the next week or so. We've been busy with a trip to Alaska for Matt's spring break, celebrating Easter with my family, attending Matt's formal event at school, Mother's Day, watching our brother-in-law Jeremiah graduate from Seminary and celebrating May birthdays! Lots of fun things that have kept me away from the computer. Some of these events will get their own post but until then I'll fill this one with some of my recent favorites.

All dressed and ready to go
to the Gala...30 weeks pregnant!

Reese and the Talcott boys just by coincidence
wearing their Auburn gear on the same day.

Out to dinner at Gladstone's for Jeremiah's graduation...the shiny
thing in front of me is a tin foil elephant holding my leftovers. :)

Celebrating Mollie turning 21!

Baby Allie is doing really well! I had an ultrasound two weeks ago to check fluid levels, growth, position and everything was great! Allie is even head-down which is something that's pretty important when you're birthing with midwives. What a relief to hear she had turned since my previous visit she was still head-up. I really can't believe there's only about 7 1/2 weeks to go. This pregnancy has flown compared to Reese. Up until about 2 weeks ago, I forgot many times that I was pregnant. It wasn't until she'd kick or I'd look down that I'd remember. Reese has kept me on my toes and for that distraction I'm thankful. I've now entered the "I want my body back" stage and feel that I'm close to being ready for this birth to happen. 

Baby Allie at 32 weeks

These next two pictures are of the 6 of us taking Mollie to dinner to celebrate her turning 21! Those that could had drinks in her honor. :) We dined at Cafe Fiore in Ventura...about an hour north of Santa Clarita and the consensus was that the food and atmosphere were amazing, the service not so much. We had a great time as the 7 of us siblings enjoying one another for the evening and a special thanks goes to the parents (Matt's) for watching Reese. 

The favoritest picture of cutie, sweetie girl who is now 14 months! Her hair is long enough to get into a tiny little ponytail on top her head and I love it! Can't wait until I can start braiding. 
Reese is:
~working on teeth numbers 11 and 12
~barely walking...only does it when she must
~is saying so many words: apple, bird, car, hi, bye, bear, Papa, dada, mama, "pa" for paci
~sleeping like a champ
~finally hit the clingy stage and cries every time someone takes her from Matt or I and especially when we leave her ~ the blessing is it doesn't last but a minute and she's back to her happy self
~can't get enough of outside, walks in the stroller and seeing every kind of animal there is
-for the first time, she pointed to mama's tummy when we asked where baby is!! she's learning!