Saturday, April 6, 2013

How do I do this again!?!

It's been far too long...5 months too long! Boo! I've missed so much documenting of our little family's lives. And I'm determined to pick this back up and do my best to keep going. Not so much to try and catch up but to go from here. 

This sweet baby who moves, kicks and lately makes my tummy roll, has been so so different from his or her sisters. The nausea and prego-sickness didn't abate until weeks 22 or so. Even then, it still comes in waves here or there. Also a super chill baby in the womb. There's enough activity there to let me know baby is ok and thriving, but really it's minimal. This could be a very good thing. A relaxed, easy-going child #3. That would be splendid with so much else happening around here.

And wow...the hormones! I've heard of lots of gals who have cried over commercials, things they've read or even just for no reason. I've joined their club this time around. I can't believe how easily the tears have come and stayed and held on. I sometimes don't even recognize myself. Matt has been the kindest, most patient husband. Letting me cry even amidst not understanding why.

We've also reached 32 weeks! That's craziness! Somehow, though, I'm still managing to feel as big as a barn (...just the way my mama used to say it when she was pregnant with #5, 6 and 7) and like I could deliver tomorrow. Ha! Eesh...8 weeks to feel this way. Praying it keeps going quick. :)

So what things have filled our days lately?!?

A good number of things:

- March birthdays for Daddy and Reese

-A Berry Sweet 3rd Birthday party that you can read all about HERE

- Exciting news for our church family!!! ~ Placerita Baptist (as of last Sunday) officially has a new Senior Pastor! We are praising God for leading our church through some challenging 17 months to the place of welcoming Adam and Lisa Tyson as our new pastor and family! We can't wait for them to arrive sometime in June.

-A quick little Spring Break trip get-a-way as a family this past week. Matt just happened to be telling a friend and co-worker about his spring break plans and this friend offered for us to use his parent's beach house for a night! What a blessing it was for the 4 of us to not have a to pay (yay!) but to still feel like we had a mini vacation. But...if you have kids, know of friends who have kids or can just imagine...there's always a little extra challenge to any trip. Specifically Allie catching a full-blown cold during the night of our stay (really?!? Where in the world did that come from on a Tues/Wed), taking 1 1/2 hours to find our dinner spot because MapQuest is lame-o (thereby said children not having dinner till after 7...not to mention a crazy hungry mama bear), then choosing a restaurant the next day for lunch that we LOVE as adults but isn't so kid-friendly (to the point of Allie breaking a least it was just 1). We learned our lesson(s).

-And a few more events here and there that I'll leave for another blog post. Thanks for still reading...even in my very long absence! It feels good to be back. :)


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  1. Glad to see you are back! I had a pregnancy blogging hiatus, too! I just saw the pics from Reese's birthday and recognized the outfit! It makes me so happy to see it getting worn! I just used a lot of exclamation points, too! Hang in there for the next few weeks...